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About Us

Built on a triad

A purposeful start-up, built on 3 pillars viz Value; Engineering; Innovation. We value our customers while upholding ethical, environmental, social and cultural values in our pursuit of innovative engineering and adopting best practices for a greener, safer and a smarter world.

As precise and multivariate as our Founder.

Amidst resolving issues in the world of Precision Engineering Mechatronics, bringing order in the world of chaotic Project Management, and deep care and passion towards creative, elegant and innovative engineering was the inception of K Gyan Design Lab. With an overall experience of nearly a decade further intensified through nearly 7 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Kushal put his ‘Precision Engineering Skills’ into a brand for an industry in need.

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Revolutionize systems via innovative precision engineering and in-depth researched creative solutions.

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To operate through research, innovation, pro-activeness, and dedication in engineering, strategy, planning, and operations.

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Give emphasis to customer commitments, help the community, and be environmentally responsible by adopting green practices.

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